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Casanova Reportedly Attacked In Prison Days After Denouncing Gorilla Stone Gang!

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Cousins! Brooklyn, New York rapper Casanova is currently recovering following a brutal altercation in prison where he was slashed in his face multiple times!

According to reports from NBC News, an official investigation has been launched at Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, N.J. following a series of violate acts. It has been stated that on Thursday, June 15th, Casanova was slashed in his face at the hands of an inmate named Ulysses Lugo.

Reports read that Casanova and a group of men then chased Ulysses down and slashed his face several times. Both men displayed bloody faces as officers arrived to defuse the altercation.

This comes just days after the rapper denounced gang ties in the hopes of receiving leniency from the judge when he is officially sentenced.

A spokesperson for the prison Anthony Puglisi, says that the incident is being looked into reports NBC News.

“This minor incident and whether weapons were employed is under investigation,” reads a statement from Puglisi.

As we previously reported Casanova surrendered to the FBI for charges of racketeering and drugs back in December of 2020. He was taken in amongst seventeen other alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang.

According to XXL a month after turning himself in, a judge ruled that the Brooklyn, New York native was a danger to the public and his bail was denied.

Last month, Casanova pled guilty to one count of conspiring to conduct and participating in the conduct of the affairs of a criminal enterprise within a pattern of racketeering activity. Along with one count of conspiring to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana.

Casanova is currently facing a possibility of 60 years in prison.

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