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Florida Woman Arrested And Charged After Her Car Sets On Fire With Her Children Inside As She Reportedly Shoplifted!

Cousins! A Florida woman has been arrested and currently facing multiple charges following an incident where her car bursted into flames with her children inside as she reportedly shoplifted for over an hour!

According to CNN, Alicia Moore is said to have parked her car within a Dillard’s parking lot early afternoon on May 26th when she entered Oviedo mall. Police officials state that 24 year old had left her two children in the car as she alongside an unidentified male went inside the shopping area.

It has been stated that a loss prevention employee for the store watched as Alicia and the male shopliftted a series of items for over an hour. An arrest report details that as Alicia attempted to leave the store with the items she had taken, she saw that her car was on fire and immediately ran out leaving behind the stolen merchandise.

Witnesses immediately stepped in to help Alicia and the small children to escape the blazing vehicle. Thankfully the two children survived and were taken to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. Officials say one child suffered first-degree burns “to her face and ears.”

Alicia was interviewed and is said to have requested an attorney. She was arrested soon arrested by officers from the Orlando Police Department “for outstanding warrants in other counties.” It has been stated that her warrants are from incidents that are unrelated. She is in police custody at this time and has been charged with aggravated child neglect and arson.

“It is undetermined what ignited the fire, however, if Moore was not being neglectful, it is unlikely [the child] would have been injured,” police said.

Alcia is also facing four additional charges of petty theft, battery, and assault from previous incidents. She is currently being held on a $48,000 bond.

Seminole County court records indicate Alicia was arraigned last week Friday and pleaded not guilty to charges related to the incident with her children.

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