Former Cybersecurity Officer Arrested For Installing Hidden Camera In Caribbean Cruise Ship Bathroom; Recorded Over 150 Passengers Including 40 Minors!

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Cousins! A man has been arrested after a passenger discovered a hidden Wi-Fi camera was installed within a bathroom wall of a Caribbean cruise ship!

According to reports from Fox News, former cybersecurity officer Jeremy Froias of Kissimmee, Florida is currently facing charges for attempted possession of child exploitation material. Including voyeurism, described as the act of enjoying others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

An obtained FBI affidavit shows that Jeremy had board the cruise ship in Miami, Florida on April 29th as the Royal Caribbean set to sail a seven day cruise. The ship is said to have made stops in St. Maarten, San Juan and the Bahamas before returning to Miami. He allegedly installed a hidden Wi-Fi camera in a public bathroom on the Harmony’s top deck area one day into the cruise.

“At about 7:00 p.m. on May 1, 2023, another passenger noticed the hidden camera and reported it to the Harmony’s crew. Harmony security personnel searched the bathroom and found and seized the hidden camera,” an FBI special agent said in the complaint.

It has been stated that Royal Caribbean security asp noticed a micro SD card in the Wi-Fi camera. Upon reviewing they discovered “several hours’ worth of .mp4 video files. Footage involves passsnegers naked and/or changing into their swimsuits; including children as young as four or five years old.

Jermey is said to have confessed to officials that he did place a Wi-Fi camera within the bathroom’s wall. He was arrested on Wednesday as returned the cruise ship returned to Miami.

Reports read that Jeremy had previously been employed as a cybersecurity officer within the City of Kissimmee, Florida since April 16, 2004. A spokesperson for the city has come forward upon reviewing the issued affidavit, confirming that Jeremy’s employment had been terminated as of May 8, 2023.

“The FBI believes he primarily targeted cruise ship passengers between the timeframe of April 30 and May 1, 2023, who may have used the public bathroom on the aft of the Harmony’s top deck between the ‘Flow Rider’ surfing simulator and a bar. Passengers using this bathroom may have been video recorded by Froias,” reads a statement from the FBI.

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