Tennessee Teacher Pepper Sprayed By Student After Confiscating Her Cellphone!

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Cousins! An incident involving a Tennessee high school teacher, a student and a dispute over a cell phone has racked up over a million views across social media in the last couple of days!

The now viral video clip shows an unidentified student pepper spraying a teacher in his face for confiscating her cellphone. According to Fox News, the incident was captured by another student as they recorded the ordeal from their own cellphone.

The video opens with both the student and teacher arguing over the cellphone within the doorway of a classroom. The young teen can be heard saying,” don’t f***ing touch me,” as the teacher says, “She pepper-sprayed me.” As the two move out towards the school’s hallway the teen sprays the teacher again and tries to grab her cellphone from his hands. The teacher drops to his knees and again, “She just f—ing pepper-sprayed me.” He never let the cellphone leave his hands.

Within the video you can hear the student behind the cellphone camera say, “Nah, mace is crazy!”

It has been stated that the student was allegedly googling answers for her school work.

According to the New York Post, the student has received disciplinary action on behalf of the school.

It has been indicated just two months ago, the same teacher was punched in the face after taking a different student’s phone as they were caught cheating on a test.

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