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Pusha T’s Wife Virigina Williams Gets Dragged On Social Media After Sharing The Hardest Part About Dating A Celebrity Was Not Looking Like A Rapper’s Girlfriend / Wife Amongst Women With Fake A** And Cake Face!

Cousins! A quick game of random question and answers amongst social media users turned sour as Pusha T ‘s wife Virginia Williams shared what were initially some of the most difficult parts of dating a rapper was for her personally !

Virginia says initially she felt out of place as she described feeling like a odd ball in a room full of women that had surgical enhancements done to their bodies, heavy amounts of makeup plastered on their face and chosen attire.

“If i’m being honest, INITIALLY the only thing hard about it was being ok with being the oddball in the room…not looking like a ‘rapper girlfriend/wife,’” reads a now circulated screenshot from Virgina’s Instagram story.

“I used to feel awkward amongst the women who had a fake ass, bodycon dress and cake face, but for a while now, I’ve thought I’m way cooler.”

Virgina is often spotted rocking comfy chick or modern day classic clothing whether its on social media or a photo opp alongside her husband and their son. It is apparent that she chooses comfortability over sex appeal which is often believed to be the route women travel when dating a famous artist or well known celebrity.

Virginia and Pusha T dated for eleven years and tied the knot in 2018. Together they share one son named Nigel.

As the shared post gained major traction and amplified conversation it created a debate amongst social media users within an even split of fans that understood and applauded Virginia’s statement. However others took it as an unnecessary shot taken at fellow women that they feel stemmed from insecurities.

“She sounds very secure to me. I think only people with the “fake ass, bodycon dress and cake face” would take issue with what he said. If the show fits.”

“Pusha T’s wife said nothing wrong. Feminists need to start taking some days off. Being surrounded by women who literally fashion their bodies after sex dolls and are willing to play the role of sex doll for any rich man is a mind fuck for a regular woman. As it SHOULD be, “ reads a tweet.”

I don’t wanna see no more damn commentary about what pusha t wife said. Y’all let city girls and all these other BBL ladies call everybody ugly and broke every day but this where you draw the line. Y’all so unserious & sensitive,” reads another.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this ?

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