Atlanta Teenager Has Passed Away After Saving The Lives Of Four Small Children Drowning At A Beach; Friend Of Family Also Falls Victim While Trying To Save Him!

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Cousins! The tragic story of a heroic and selfless Atlanta teen is circulating as a young male risked the life of his own by stepping in to help four small children in immediate danger!

16 year old Bryce Brooks alongside his parents Crystal and Shivy Brooks had been vacationing within the Pensacola area of Florida earlier this month when the incident occurred on April 6th.

As the family had been enjoying their time at Johnson Beach in ⁠Perdido Key, things took an unforgettable turn as Bryce witnessed four small children frantically screaming. Reports from USA Today reads that the kids had been caught within an exceedingly strong rip tide.

The teen immediately snapped into into action and ran directly into the water to save them. Unfortunately the strong current pulled Bryce under just as he was able to save all of the kids none of which he personally knew.

A friend of the Brooks family was also present at the time of tragedy and had joined them at the beach. A man identified as Chuck Johnson had saw Bryce struggling and ran in to save him. Sadly, both Chuck and Bryce passsed away within the tragic ordeal.

Appearing in a recent news conference the heavy hearted parents spoke proudly upon their son’s selfless bravery and their friend’s life altering courageousness.

He literally saved the lives of four kids at the expense of his own,” said Shivy he also honored Chuck’s noble behavior for attempting to save his son. “What he sacrificed for our son is what any other fathers in our village would have done.”⁠

“Being selfless, our son Bryce, while being pulled by currents himself, literally called for help. But not for himself, he was calling out for the little kids he was looking out for.”

“We’re never going to get to see Bryce grow up to be the full man that he was going to be,” said Bryce’s mom, Crystal Brooks. “But we know that he stepped into his manhood to save those children. And that makes me proud.” She continued in expressing that nothing could heal her pain, “but it makes me proud of our son and what he sacrificed.”

Updated reports confirm that the small children Bryce saved were air-flown to a local hospitals and listed in critical condition. The fourth child is detailed as being in serious condition at this time. Officials state that First responders arrived at the beach within six minutes after being alert of the incident. The family has stated that they believe that if lifeguards had been present originally they would have been able to save the deceased victims lives.

In response, Escambia County has stated that they aren’t allowed to place lifeguards on the beach since it’s listed as a private property. However they did declare that they would place warning signs around the beach in efforts of bringing awareness about rip current risks.

Sources confirm that an education group named ‘Get Your Teach on’ held a fundraiser for the Brooks family and had raised over $75,000 via a launched GoFundMe account.

Bryce’s family described him as a very “creative” kid, who had a passion for music as well as fashion. In addition to being a member of his school’s fashion club, he was very sharp and “just made honor roll a week ago.”

While remembering Chuck, a devoted husband and father of three, Shivy noted the the family friend as “a person that looks after everyone.”

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