Actor Jonathan Majors Arrested In NYC For Allegedly Assaulting And Strangling His Girlfriend That Reportedly Confronted Him For Texting Another Woman!

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Cousins! “Creed III” leading man Jonathan Majors has been arrested in New York City this weekend following reports of domestic violence upon a woman identified as his claimed girlfriend. As details continue to pour in about the incident, officials state the actor has been charged with strangulation, assault, harassment and more!

TMZ broke the story earlier today surrounding Jonathan’s arrest with minimal details of the relationship shared between him and the alleged victim. It was also originally unclear of what exactly occurred between the two at the time, however it has now been declared by New York City Police officials that the woman told them she is his girlfriend.

Apparently an argument took place between the late Friday night as the two as occupied a taxi cab. The woman says that the couple had been traveling from a Manhattan located bar to their home in Brooklyn. The woman explained to officials that she had approached the “Ant Man” actor, about another woman texting him. It has been stated that she had attempted to ‘Sneak a Peek,’ at his phone in which reportedly angered Jonathan. She claims Jonathan then proceeded to grab her hand, followed by allegedly slapping her and putting his hands around her neck.

Reports obtained by the outlet indicate that the two were dropped off at separate locations following the alleged altercation. The woman is said to have been taken to one undisclosed location and that Jonathan spent the night elsewhere.

As per TMZ, the alleged altercation took place on March 24th. Jonathan’s alleged girlfriend filed a police report the following day on Saturday morning March 25ht which later led to his arrest.

Upon responding police arrival the woman is said to have had numerous visible injuries such as a laceration behind her ear and red marks throughout her face. She was taken to a hospital for treatment and was listed as being in stable condition.

As for Jonathan, he was arrested on the spot around 11Am within the Chelsea area of Manhattan, New York. Police state there was enough physical evidence for probable cause.

He was later released from police custody while his team has come forward to state, ” He’s done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up”

Cousins, this story is still developing please stick with us for further updates and details. Also be sure to tell us what are your thoughts on this below 👇🏿

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