Latto Responds To Reports That She Is Currently Enrolled In A Program After Being Arrested For Having A Firearm In Her Luggage At The Airport!

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Cousins! Latto has declared trending reports that she is currently enrolled in a community service program fake news after she dropped details of being arrested previously for having a firearm in her luggage at LAX!

According to reports from TMZ, Law enforcement officials have stated that Latto has been placed in a year long diversion program since April 2022. She was seemingly arrested two years ago back in May 2021 and charged with carrying a loaded firearm and carrying concealed weapon.

Officials state that she was required to complete a gun safety course, complete 120 hours of community service and to stand clear of all firearms. Upon full completion of the program both charges will be dismissed.

Latto’s recent run in with the law was revealed to fans as she rapped on Chicago artist Melli Buckzz’s collaborated single, ‘Boom Pt. 2’

“ I got locked up in the airport, goddamn forgot the gun..”

Latto also reflected on the incident on Twitter as fans asked for further details to the incident. “ Went to LAX w a loaded glock 17 in my Birk got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! 😮‍💨 no cap in my rap TUH,” reads a tweet for the Atlanta native.

Despite reports that she has a court appearance scheduled for April. On Wednesday night the 24 year old slammed reports that she was enrolled in a program in connection to her arrest. “ Idk who put out that false ass information cause I’m not in no damn program…”

Latto’s tweet continues,” … also the situation happened over a year ago & y’all never even knew until I mentioned it in the Boom pt 2 verse. Nun to “brag” about. Leave me alone.”

She also took to Instagram live to double down on her previously issued statements. “I’m not even in a program sh*t happened a year ago, over a year ago!

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