Missing Mississippi Male Rasheem Carter’s Head Discovered Severed From His Body Months After Warning His Mother He Was Being Targeted By His White Co-Workers!

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Cousins! The family and loved ones of 25 year old Rasheem Carter are continuing their fight for justice as an independent autopsy has now confirmed that the missing Mississippi male’s head was discovered detached from his body!

As we previously reported Rasheem had been in contact with his mother back in October 2022 prior to his disappearance warning her that he felt unsafe amongst his white co-workers and boss. He told her that he was being followed by a group of men and provided the name of the person responsible as he suspected they would kill him.

The young father is said to have told police that he was in danger and being followed. Rasheem had been in the town for temporary work and had no form of transportation, he asked local officials if he could either stay at the station until morning or be provided a ride to his hotel. Both of his request were reportedly denied as they said his hotel was out of their jurisdiction. He then

Soon after his family had traveled down to the town where Rasheem was working and were ultimately unable to reach him. Rasheem was reported missing just two days after their conversation; his body was discovered severely detached within a wooded area in Taylorsville a month later.

Despite him returning to the station the next morning pleading for help Rasheem was provided no assistance.

“He told them that someone was trying to harm him and I heard him when he said that but they told me that he never said someone was trying to harm him,” said Rasheem mom, Tiffany Carter. “Little did they know I was on the phone when he said it. He told me on the phone personally that it was three white trucks full of white men.

His body was sadly discovered a month later within a wooded area in Taylorsville with his head and other body parts severely detached.

An investigation was launched by local officials where they originally claimed that there had been no signs of foul play and there was a major possibility were scattered by animals.

In a recent press conference Raheem’s family alongside Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump denied the issued claims while calling out officials for failing to provide justice. “One thing is for certain … This was not a natural killing. This was not a natural death. This represents a young man who was killed,” said Crump on Monday.

Rasheem’s story is finally being picked up by major outlets with artists such as Cardi B helping to spread awareness. “The details of #rasheemcarter is murder is INHUMANE and soo gruesome!!!Actions and awareness needs to be taken!!…PLEASE READ UP ON HIS STORY !!!!”

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