Actress Dominique Fishback Reveals That She Was Originally Offered Chloe Bailey’s Role In ‘Swarm’ And Declined It; I Had To Get Out Of My Own Way!

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Cousins! This past weekend was truly dedicated to Amazon Prime Video’s new series ‘Swarm’ as it not only had us personally hanging on by a thread in suspense but also deep in Google search as we pieced together each episode 😩

Starring Brooklyn, New York native Dominique Fishback as Dre, the thriller infused comedy takes viewers on a wild ride as she portrays the role of a devoted fan to a fictional songstress named Naijah,loosely based on Beyonce. The series also shares in depth details of partially fictional rumors surrounding the proposed Bey-hive.

In a recent interview alongside the series co-creator Donald Glover also known as beloved rapper Childish Gambino , Dominique reveals that she was initially offered Chloe Bailey ‘s role of Marissa but gently declined it.
“I’m used to being a character that’s loved or easy-to-life, and, no lie, you get comfortable with that — I like that!”

The 31 year old says that the film allowed her to step out or her comfort zone in order to commit to a different side of her career.

“But I had to get out of my own way in order to be the artist, the actor, that I came here to be,”Dominique explained.

However Donald says that he was initially taken aback by Dominique voicing that she wanted to play the role of a deranged and psychotic serial killer, but the artist in him understood immediately. “I was like, ‘You want to play the murderer? Uh, really?”

“[Dominique] felt very sweet, like someone you wanted to take care of, but she wanted to do the opposite,” said Donald. “I completely understand even in my own career. She wanted to branch out, and I was excited to allow her to do that.”

‘Swarm’ created by Glover and Janine Naberw made its official steaming debut on Friday March 17th. The series stars Dominique as Andrea ‘ Dre ‘ Greene’ , Chloe as ‘Marisa Jackson’ and Damson Idris as ‘Khalid’.

Following it’s premiere the gut wrenching series instantly went viral on social media as fans discussed Chloe and Damson’s love scene and the series portrayed story lines in connection to Beyoncé’s fanbase.

“ Dominique Fishback absolutely deserves to be in the awards conversation for her electrifying, unsettling and genuinely heartbreaking turn in #SWARM .What an incredible, monumental performance. Wow,” reads a tweet.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out all seven episodes of ‘Swarm’ available only Amazon Prime Video.

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