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Young Lady That Fell Off Coffee Table In Early 2000s Viral YouTube video Trends On Social Media As Folks Discover Her Tiktok!

Cousins! One thing about folks on the internet they sure don’t let you forget anything! The young woman behind a legendary 2008 YouTube video is currently trending alongside the dated hashtag #ScarlettTakesATumble after folks online discovered her Tiktok!

Way before Instagram and Tiktok were ever a thing the young lady identified as ‘Scarlett’ had gone viral-viral as she sang on top of a coffee table wearing a pair of flower covered wedges. Sis was doing her thing as she vocalized and hit us with a one step move every now and again but it is when baby girl decided to end her performance and walk off the table when things went extremely left.

After talking an unexpected dive to the floor the young woman can be heard saying, “ that hurt.” Moments later within the video as she continuously rolled on the floor, she gathered herself and then made her way out of the room. The video is 15 years old to date, has racked up 4.1 million views on TikTok and still gives folks a quick belly full of laughter.

‘Scarlett’ seemingly addressed the unforgettable and unavoidable moment by declaring that she is the young lady from the YouTube clip and even flashes the signature wedges within a shared video to Tiktok. She says, “ I’ve been getting this a lot lately and usually I’m like shhhh you being too loud. But you know what yes, I am the girl that fell off the coffee table.”

Much love Scarlett girl!! 😩🫶🏿

Cousins, do y’all remember this video? Check out what social media user’s had to say 👇🏿

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