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Tokyo Vanity Responds To Social Media Users Claims That She Had Weight Loss Surgery After Showing Updated Photos Of Her Fitness Journey, “ Just Say You Are Still Trying To Find Your Motivation To Get Off The Couch“

( 📸: Instagram )

Cousins! Reality television star Tokyo Vanity is clapping back at social media users negative comments about her fitness journey!

Earlier this week the New Orleans native shared a few updated photos in celebration of her weight loss on Instagram. The series of III images circulated throughout social media as online users congratulated Tokyo.

“ Yasss! She did at her own pace and is killing it. Realistic work🙌🙌🙌🙌,” wrote one user.

“ If consistency and dedication was a person! So proud of and for you Tok,” wrote another.

However the photos were also met with additional comments as folks issued claims that Tokyo had gotten some sort of cosmetic weight loss surgery.

The ‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ cast member who is well known for fully speaking her mind took to her Instagram stories within a video where she addresses the claims. Tokyo says that she has not had weight loss surgery and is still very much a plus size baddie.”Where the f**k is the weight loss surgery scars? “ said Tokyo.

“When you have a gastric…Google it ask somebody who had gastric to show you their stomach. No scars boo-boo,” said the rapper.

Along with the video she wrote, “ I was turned down for the surgery boo, but when & or if I get it I’ll keep y’all updated.” As well as, “ I’m not skinny I’m very much so still plus sized & working… I’m just smaller than what I started and have so far to go.”

She also wrote, “Just say you are still trying to find your motivation to get off the sofa…”

We don’t know about y’all but Tokyo definitely motivated us to stop playing with our fitness goals and put in the work. Sis looks great!

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