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Social Media Users Speculate That Halle Bailey And DDG Have Broken Up Following His Since Deleted Tweet, “ All these girls the same. Ain’t no wayyyyy.“

Cousins! The streets is talking following a since deleted tweet from DDG leaving folks wondering if him and Halle Bailey have broken up! ☹️

Earlier today the 25 year old rapper wrote on his verified Twitter account, “All these girls the same. Ain’t no wayyyyy.” Though DDG didn’t provide any further context on who or what the tweet was in connection to, it appears the post has since been deleted.

But it doesn’t end there as DDG has seemingly wiped his Instagram clean of any pictures of him and Halle together. Fans quickly noticed that he also unfollowed Halle and her sister Chloe. However at the time Halle had still been following him and has photos of him on her Instagram page.

However within updated reports Halle has proceeded in unfollowing him and cleaning her Instagram of the shared initiates images of them both.

The folks on Black Twitter are currently piecing things together as they began to pick a side and making it very clear, that no Halle slander will be tolerated.

“so ddg unfollowed halle, said “All girls are the same”, took down their pics together, and now hours later after starting all this controversy he wanna follow her back ..? idc if it’s for views he’s childish and she needs someone who doesn’t act like a high schooler,” reads a tweet.

“ DDG unfollowing Halle, removing their pictures, & going off on social media like Halle not bout to find a new man tomorrow. I didn’t even know who that man was til she started dating him,” reads another tweet.

Neither DDG or Halle have confirmed or denied rumors of an apparent breakup. A split would most definitely catch folks off guard as the couple appeared to be in great spirits not too long ago. They stepped out in Dubai together for Beyoncé’s weekend takeover just last month.

DDG and Halle’s union served as her very first public relationship. They were together for one year.


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