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Kicking It One On One With The Cast And Crew Of ‘Aurora: A Love Story’

Cousins! We had the absolute pleasure of ‘Kicking it One on One’ with actors Wakeema Hollis and Tobias Truvillion alongside “ Aurora : A Love Story” director Noel Calloway as they dish on the highly anticipated film!

Aurora’ is putting a modern day spin on the often circulated perceptions of love while providing viewers a deeper prospective of both romance and realism.

With secrets on the rise and a decked out Puerto Rico based wedding ceremony nearing—both Kenny Gaines and Giselle Xavier have a lot to think about within a fairly short amount of time. As the clock strikes down to their scheduled exchange of nuptials, the bride to be suddenly disappears sending her friends, family and fiancé on a twisted ride of events.

The film stars actor Tobias Truvillion (“The Best Man: Final Chapters” and “Equal Standard”), alongside Wakeema Hollis (“Dynasty,” “The Photograph”), Marc John Jefferies (“City on a Hill,” “Power”), Ambre Anderson (“Power Book II: Ghost,” “The Marvin Sapp Story”) and Julito McCullum (“Safe Space,” “The Wire”) .

Love is always at the forefront of each and everyday whether that’s love for yourself or the love you apply to someone else’s life. While kicking it with the film’s leading cast members we asked them what does their love for others feel like and why is it a feeling like no other.

Wakeema explained how her love energized her soul and others, “My Love is Restorative. It’s really nice when you can have a love that can give you a new energy everyday and can restore your faith in humanity.”

“My Love is Multidimensional! To be able to exist in this realm that’s one thing. But when you can just go into other dimensions that is a gift. That is something you get to travel to, to
experience, to remember. That thing,“ answered Tobias.

Noel explained how his love is inspirational and how the ones he loves fuel his existence. “My Love is Inspirational. If I love you, you
should be inspired and I am inspired by my
wife, my daughter and friends. All of the
people that love me make me want to be
the best me I can be because I want to
reward that love.

Cousins, Be sure to check out the full interview and let us know in the comments what your love feels like beginning with, “My Love is_____”👇🏿

‘Aurora: A Love story’ is available in theaters and on demand Friday January 27th ❤️

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