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Sinbad’s Family Issues Update Of His Health Following Stroke From Nearly 2 Years Ago; Says He’s Still Learning To Walk

Cousins! The family of legendary comedian and actor Sinbad have taken to social media to share an update of his current health status following the two year anniversary of his tragic stroke!

In a post to his verified Instagram a series of photos accompanied by a caption shows Sinbad being assisted by a physician with a walker. According to reports from TMZ, he’s still learning to walk at this time. His family says he’s making progress but still has a long road to recovery.

The family says that Sinbad was hospitalized for 9 months after a blood clot traveled from his heart to his brain. He then endured another blood clot which led to brain swelling and bleeding.

It has been stated that a survival rate from a stroke of such extremities has a 30% survival rate. Sinbad’s family shares that he’s still fighting for every inch of his life and that his limbs were assumed to be useless.

Sinbad’s family also shared that the cost of his medical expenses have taken a toll on them and exceeded his insurance benefits. Within the post to social media they state that they’ve set up a website for fans and supporters to donate as all assistance is welcomed.

Cousins, let’s keep Sinbad and his family in our prayers!

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