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Saweetie Reveals She Plans To Address All Rumors With Her Name Attached To It In New Unreleased Music!

Cousins! Saweetie recently revealed that she has a single named “No Reception” dropping SOON where she’ll be addressing everything that her name was attached to in the media within the past year!

Saweetie is well known for serving quality content on social media. From slaying with the looks, putting us on to different food combinations that we never knew existed or a quick hilarious skit. However in the last year or so sis has been pretty quiet while popping up on and off the grid months at a time.

“These past couple of years have been a growing experience for me as an artist, human, but most importantly, a WOMAN,” previously wrote the California native on social media.

“Through hours of self-reflection I have realized that Pretty B**ch Music is not an album — it’s a movement. It’s a culture. It’s a language. It’s a lifestyle. We not rushing art, we taking our time! This ain’t no microwave s**t! It’s baking and it will definitely be worth the taste.”

Despite keeping a sincerely low profile, that hasn’t stopped Saweetie’s name from buzzing online from dating reports and much more. Though she’s never addressed any of the rumors with her name attached to it the Icy Queen let’s fan’s know that music will be her formal bridge of communication. “I think the best way to respond to my perception is through the music, ’cause honestly, if you don’t know me personally, I’m not gonna have a personal conversation online.”

In a recent appearance at the Teen Vogue Summit & Block Party held on Saturday November 12, Saweetie explained to fans that the new music she is set to release is taking more time because she is creating from a different space. She also shared that her upcoming single, “No reception,” will take a direct aim at all the subliminal messages tossed her way in the last year.

“It’s a freestyle getting off everything that’s been in the media for this past year,” said Saweetie.

“Like, sometimes I be looking at stuff and I be like, ‘Y’all can’t be serious.’ Sometimes it’s so outrageous, I’m like, ‘D**n, I’m that b**ch.’ Y’all can’t be making this stuff up. But since y’all want to, I’m finna address it in the music,”

Cousins, are y’all ready?

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