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Former Fox ‘Empire’ Actor Bryshere Gray Arrested Upon Claims Of Domestic Violence!

Cousins! Former Fox Empire cast member Bryshere Gray has found himself behind bars once again following reports of abuse!

According to TMZ, an unidentified woman contacted local police earlier this month claiming that she was involved with Bryshere but that his behavior began to escalate and that his actions made her worry about her own safety.

In court documents obtained by the outlet the woman claims that Bryshere had tossed a box of food at her and then pulled her hair. She also says that there were other instances where he allegedly screamed at her.

Local Arizona officials state that Bryshere has had a series of run-ins with the law recently which also includes a call about a domestic violence related disturbance just last month. Within that instance he is said to have failed to communicate with his probation officer leading to a direct violation.

Incase you all are unfamiliar Bryshere also known by his stage name of Yazz The Greatest, pleaded guilty in 2021 to felony aggravated assault after undergoing a standoff with a SWAT team outside of his home in 2020. He was issued a deal and was only sentenced to 10 days in county jail along with 3 years probation.

📸: 2020 Mugshot via GoodYear PD

Fast forward to today Bryshere is still currently behind bars after a judge signed a warrant and he was arrested for direct violation of his probation.

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