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Brian Kemp Wins Georgia State Election For Governor Over Stacey Adams!

Cousins! The votes are in and it has officially been declared that Brian Kemp has defeated Stacey Abrams in the race for Governor in the state of Georgia!

According to MSNBC News, Brian had racked up over 2.1 million votes against Stacey’s 1.8 million. “I got into this for a fight, for what we know to be true deep down in our bones — that the state of Georgia, the people of Georgia, deserve more,” said Abrams within her concession speech.

“We want to live in a Georgia that works for everyone,” she continued. “A Georgia where every person has a voice in our democracy and doesn’t have to show up early to make it so because voting is a fundamental right, not a privilege for the wealthy few.”

Stacey is said to have ran a clean race, focusing mostly on public education, a cleaner environment for Georgia residents, affordable prescription drugs and equal voting rights. However according to reports from Blavity, Kemp’s win derives from him being in the lead within the polls over the last few months.

Stacey previously shared that African Americans were the largest community group within the state of Georgia as she believed she could have a possible chance of being named the next Governor. “Georgia is 52% white, 33% African American, 9.5% Latino, and 4.5% Asian Pacific Islander, which means we have a fairly evenly distributed racial composition between whites and nonwhites.”

“That means that in terms of an electoral opportunity, if you can cobble together a coalition of white progressives, African American, Latino and Asian voters, you can win an election in Georgia,” said Stacey during her first gubernatorial bid. However it appears that just wasn’t enough.

Kemp previously argued that Stacey was working for “liberal elites” while claiming that she wanted to “defund the police.” Stacey responded in saying that Kemp has plans of easing gun laws into rotation to keep residents “in a state of fear.”

Following Tuesday night’s results, social media users chimed in immediately with their own thoughts surrounding the election along with questions as to why hasn’t a Black woman been named Governor yet.

Countless users debated over instances that may have caused Stacey to lose while shutting down reports that Black men were to blame.

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