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DDG Responds To Amanda Seales Video Hinting That Halle Bailey Should Break Up With Him Based On His Previous Statements Surrounding Racism!

Cousins! We don’t think DDG was too fond of Amanda Seales comments from last month hinting at Halle Bailey to break up with him following his statement about racism!

In a previous statement DDG appeared in an interview with Bootleg Kev where he spoke about the racist comments his girlfriend Halle had been receiving following the teaser of Disney’s live action film ‘Little Mermaid’.

“I didn’t know people were this racist. I didn’t know this,” said DDG. “I thought that sh*t was gone. I thought Martin Luther King canceled this sh*t out. This sh*t is crazy.”

The video clip went viral as social media users were shocked at his response and others caught the sarcasm. However it was Amanda’s response that went a little over the top for DDG. “You gotta break up with him. You gotta do it. ‘Cause, she may not get an STD. But she’s gonna a get STS – sexually transmitted stupidity,”said Amanda on her verified Instagram.

Later down the line in a different interview to promote his latest project ‘It’s not me it’s you,’ DDG was asked if he had seen Amanda’s video. “I thought that was lame,” he said. “I don’t even know who that is, and that’s not no disrespectful sh*t I genuinely do not know who that woman is.”

DDG continued, “hella engagement on that post though. I seen that b****. I’m like, ‘Ten thousand comments? F*** is this?’ How old is she? Why would you even be speaking on a young relationship like that?”

After being informed of Amanda’s age he responded, “41? What the f***? At your big age? That’s how you’re talking about a 24-year-old and a 22-year-old dating.”

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