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Word On The Street: ‘P – Valley’ Reportedly Renewed For Seasons 3 ON Starz Network!


The streets of social media have been buzzing with rumors that we might be down in the valley where the girls get…. sooner than we thought!

According to exclusive reports from BScott , ‘P-Valley’ has officially been renewed for both seasons 3 and 4.

It has previously been indicated that despite their record breaking achievements, the show’s creator and executive producer Katori Hall had faced issues with the network.

There had been allegations that the series wasn’t treated with the same magnitude as other series on STARZ, making her holdback from wanting to continue on with the network.

However the outlet claims that, “Katori and Starz have seemingly worked it all out and the show will be back for two more seasons.”

This news has not yet been confirmed or announced by STARZ.

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