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Angela Simmons Speaks On The Devastating Loss Of Her Ex Fiancé And Son’s Father,” It Was The First Time In My Life I Felt Numb”



Appearing on a recently aired episode of the Tamron Hall show, Angela Simmons spoke on one of the darkest moments in her life following the murder of her former fiancé and son’s father!

As we previously reported Sutton Tennyson was tragically gunned down at his home in 2018.

“When I first heard the news, I couldn’t really accept that or understand it, and then all of a sudden I was numb. I never understood what it was to physically feel numb, but that day I was literally like I literally don’t feel my body,” said Angela while speaking on how she responded to the devastating news.

Angela says she immediately went to therapy following Sutton’s murder. She thanks her family and life coach for helping her make way. The mother of one says she wouldn’t be here today without them.

Angela also revealed that her six year old wants her to begin dating.

“He’s like, are we ever going to get married? Is someone going to marry us? Or he’ll ask stuff like that,” she said. “This was a touching conversation because he told me ‘I know my dad is heaven and I’m gonna always have two dads because I know my dad will be my dad, but mommy when can we have someone? When will somebody be there for us?’”

Earlier this year justice was served within the tragic murder case of Sutton Sr.

Michael Williams was sentenced to life behind bars for the 2018 incident that claimed Sutton’s life. He will also serve an additional 15 years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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