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Actress Angela Means Reflects On Her Role Of Playing Felicia In The Film ‘Friday’ , “ “To this day, I’ll see people say, ‘Bye, you dirty b***h, you f**ked up b***h”



Actress and comedian Angela Means is reflecting on her role of Felicia from the hit original film Friday!

Appearing in a recent interview with Hype+ Angela dives deep into the fan favorite role to speak of how the character was misunderstood, mistreated and how it ultimately became overwhelming for her personally.

“Why was there so much hate for such an obviously beautiful woman,” she said. “Why would no one defend her?” Angela also speaks on the background work she did to prepare for the role.

“I wish I still had Felicia’s bio,” said Angela revealing she wrote a very intense bio on her. “I was feeling a lot of fear.

Angela became overthrown with emotion when speaking on how the role of Felica and how it took over certain areas in her personal life. “To this day. I’ll see people say, ‘Bye you dirty B****. You F**** up B***** , dumb b***h.

Angela went on to recognize the creatives behind the film for their depiction of the Black experience, however she feels Felicia, fell through the cracks.”

“What happened to Felicia,” said Angela while speaking how the character was abused and bullied.

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