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Black Content Creators Call Out Triller On Allegations Of Broken Promises That Left HaveLeft Them In Debt!

-Eldica Stuart-


Did you know that TikTok had once received backlash from Black creators for not receiving the same opportunities as their White counterparts?

In response to  this, Triller has “created” a space for Black content creators along with promises to offer them more opportunities, however it appears they also didn’t follow through with their promises.

The Washington Post reports that Triller touted 300 Black content creators and offered $14 million contracts to them, which was one of the largest investments for Black creators.

Payments to creators have become non-existant according to more than 2 dozen creators, talent managers and former staff. Many of which wanted to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation from the company. Some creators aren’t financially satisfied. Some creators are in debt.

David Warren says “Us Black creators work twice as hard or three times as hard just to be seen” 

From 2020 to 2021, A-list TikTok stars were promised up to $10,000 per stream on TrillerTV. On the other hand,  Black influencers were promised $4,000 per month, with half paid in equity.

The promises never came into fruition, influencers made content that would be controlled by other people, influencers were demanded a posting schedule and some were eliminated from the program.

In late June, creators only received one months payment. After content creators reported the issues, payments began to roll in, but from previous work. 

Later, creators were asked to sign confidentiality agreements to receive their pay or risk “forfeiture of all equity consideration,” according to correspondence viewed by The Post.

Triller disputes that there have been any problems with creators’ pay. Triller chief executive Mahi de Silva said in a statement that the company “has met its financial commitments to the creators in this program and will continue to do so.”

Cousins, how do you feel about this? How do you feel about the lack of  equality on social media apps? 

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