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Cincinnati Officer Caught on Body Camera Calling Students the N-word; Claims She Was Having A Mental Episode!

-Eldica Stuart-


A Cincinnati police officer was caught on a body camera calling Black students the N-word!

Officer Rose Valentino is a 14-year veteran who once appeared on TLC’s Police Women of Cincinnati. However on April 15, 2022, a body camera showed Officer Valentino saying “F—ing [n-word], I f—ing hate them!” while in rage, aggressively punching the steering wheel.

The young adults were students who appeared to have just been dismissed at their Western Hills University High School one afternoon. Upset, and raged because of the crowd, Officer Valentino initiated to activate her sirens. The students didn’t move. One student gave the officer the finger. With frustration, Officer Valentino then used the racial insults to describe the students.

According to NBC News, “Officer Valentino has maintained that she does not have any racial biases that have affected her work. Officer Valentino believes this was a mental episode,” according to the report.


The reports from the Cincinnati Police internal affairs department, shows the officer defended her own behaviors by telling investigators “This is a hard job, and I was getting to a point where I was really being affected by it,” noting she’s been on the force for fourteen years. Valentino said she plans to seek treatment to relieve her stress and claimed she doesn’t regularly use racial slurs.

Since the incident, Office Valentino has been suspended, and the video has gone viral making headlines.

Cousins, do you believe this officer had a bad day and said things unknowingly out of frustration, or do you believe the officer displayed racism intently?

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