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Brittany Griner Alleges that She Was Ordered to Sign Legal Documents That She Didn’t Understand!

-Eldica Stuart-


If you have been following along with the Brittany Griner Story, it deepens. Brittany has recently testified that she signed documents that she didn’t understand!

Brittany, an English speaker, says that she had to use a language interpreter. She states that the interpreter only translated a fraction of what she understood during questioning.

(📸: US Post )

According to NBC New York, Griner has been arrested since the beginning of the year in February, due to carrying vape and cannabis oil in her luggage when arriving in Russia from Arizona. Brittany revealed that she was recently recovering from COVID, and the flight was a gruesome 13-hour flight. She says that she had no ill intentions when packaging her necessities for her flight.

Although Griner states that she does not know how the cannabis oil got in her bag anyway, she explained how she had a doctor’s recommendation for using it. Without any explanations of her rights or access to a lawyer, she signed documentation without hesitation.

(📸 : NY Post )

July 1, 2022, marked the beginning of this trial. If convicted of a crime, Brittany could face up to 10 years for drug transportation. Since her arrest there have been five short court sessions in Moscow. A Russian neuropsychologist testified and stated that medicinal use of cannabis is common worldwide, but it is illegal in Russia.

Griner alleges that she uses cannabis to help support and alleviate the pain she acquired through basketball career. Cannabis is commonly used for medicinal uses and it is said to have less of an effect than painkillers. 

NBC New York concluded that the U.S plans on making a deal with Russia to have Griner released along with another person who was imprisoned for espionage.

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