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Dallas Texas Airport Shooter Previously Provided Address To Chris Brown’s Mansion Following Multiple Arrests; Says She Is His Wife!



A woman recently arrested following a shooting incident at a Dallas, Texas airport has previously provided some very interesting details to police officials following her multiple arrests; the main one being that she is Chris Brown ‘s wife!

Portia Odufuwa , 37 was arrested in Dallas Love Field airport located in North Texas on Monday morning around 11AM reports Fox News. She is said to have changed her clothes in one of the airports bathroom’s and then pulled out a gun near the ticketing counter. Portia is said to have released multiple shots into the airports ceiling.

Thankfully an officer is was already on-site within the non-secure area of a ticket counter. They are said to to engage the suspect and having to shoot Portia in her lower extremities as she attempted to flee the scene. She was taken into custody and brought to a nearby hospital. 

Sources have confirmed that this is not Portia’s first run in with the police back in April of 2021 she was arrested for pulling a gun out on a hotel clerk. Portia is said to have provided local police the address to Chris’s mansion. Not only did she say that she was God’s profit but also the wife to beloved R&B sensation. The case was dismissed in November as being a falsified report.

It has been stated that of Portia’s numerous criminal incidents judges deemed her incompetent to stand trial, she was referred to either or both inpatient or outpatient mental health services, and the cases were dismissed. Last summer a Dallas County Judge even ruled that she was not a danger to others.

In 2019, In October 2019, Portia was arrested in Mesquite, Texas, as officers responded to a house fire, and she was reportedly found standing outside watching the flames. She is said to have allegedly told police she intentionally set the house on fire and had done this numerous times before without ever successfully fully burning the residence down.

Court records read that Portia said “I am God’s prophet, and I need an attorney, but I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire,” to responding officers. 

She also allegedly told police that she wasn’t going to provide more details until she spoke to her husband.

Reports read that within this week’s incident no travelers or police officers were hurt. However TSA still had to evacuate all travelers from the terminals causing countless travel delays. 

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