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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Found Not Guilty in Federal Gun Case!

-Natalee Gilbert-


NBA Youngboy has officially been found not guilty in his California-based federal gun case!

According to XXL His attorney, Andre Belanger, confirmed this news in the following statement:

“[NBA YoungBoy] was acquitted and walked out the courtroom saying he was never guilty of this. I am grateful we could challenge what little evidence they had before 12 people. This verdict shows the power of a jury and the ability to check government power.”

The unexpected news about his innocence dropped over the weekend. After being on trial, YoungBoy’s sentencing was announced by the California Central District court. The jury concluded that he was found not guilty, according to Rolling Stone Senior Reporter Nancy Dillon. If he were guilty of this charge, he would face multiple years in prison for a gun offense.

This gun charge has been attached to NBA Youngboy since 2021. Sometime in March, the L.A Police Department and other federal agents pushed an outstanding federal warrant on the rapper from an arrest in 2020. After the “F*ck BET” collaborator was pulled over in a vehicle, he tried to sugarcoat his way out of a ticket. Once he exited his car, he was chased by the police. XXL states, “K-9 dogs had to be brought out to locate the rapper.” The police also found an FN, model FNX-45, .45 ACP caliber gun in the floorboard of YoungBoy’s Maybach SUV.

(Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone)

After spending minimal time behind bars, NBA Youngboy was released from jail on house arrest. His bond was set to $1.5 million last October. During the trial, legal opposers tried using NBA Youngboy’s lyrics against him. The prosecution wanted to use lyrical content from his song “Gunsmoke” as evidence. On “Gunsmoke,” YB raps about firearms discovered in his car. But, Judge R. Gary Klausen proclaimed that this evidence wasn’t enough to lock NBA Youngboy up. 

(Photo Courtesy of Pitchfork)

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