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Former VH1 Star Cesar Emmanuel’s Daughter Calls Out his Recent Interview After he Alleges He Tried to Get her to Take a Lie Detector Test!

-Avier Wanjou-Brass-


Former Black Ink Crew star Cesar Emmanuel is being called out by his daughter over his recent interview where he denies abuse allegations involving the pair.

During a recent episode of the ‘On Tha Radar’ podcast, Cesar Emmanuel sits down with Kiotti Brown as he discusses everything from the viral dog video to the abuse claims from his daughter, Cheyenne Emanuel.

According to Rap News Online, Cesar tells Brown he has been acquitted of all the charges and even tried to get Cheyenne to take a lie detector test. Cesar says, “I’ve been acquitted of all those charges, and I’m gonna keep it 100. When I said, ‘Yo, let’s take a lie detector test, let’s see who’s really lying,’ everyone started folding up, everybody started backing up.”

But Cheyenne was not here for Cesar’s claims and took to Instagram to call her father’s statements “cap,” writing “Yo bro, you never asked for a lie detector test. Yo, dumb a*s was scared to meet with me because, your words.” 

Then she continues the statement by alleging Cesar told his sister (her aunt), “I don’t know how she would react after me putting hands on her.”

Cheyenne continues, “So stop the cap bro because you’re trying to save your a*s.” Also, she suggests that this is her father’s “karma” for everything he did to everybody. She then goes on to discuss issues with Suzette, the ex-girlfriend of Cesar.

According to Cheyenne, she told her father that Suzette was no good, and instead of listening to her, he defended Suzette during the abuse allegations at the time.

Suzette has also taken to social media to call out Cesar for allegedly abusing her and denied Cesar’s claims of her leaking the viral dog video, which resulted in him being terminated from Black Ink Crew.

Hopefully, Cheyenne and Cesar can work out their differences. But we do not see a reconciliation taking place anytime soon.

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