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Dutchess Lattimore Calls Out VH1 Upon Claims Of Not Protecting Black Women; Says Ceaser Emmanuel Abused Her And They Knew About It!



Former Black Ink Crew cast member Dutchess Lattimore took to social media this week to get a few things off of her chest!

Not only did Dutchess call out her ex boyfriend Ceaser upon claims of domestic violence she also says that the VH1 network knew about it and did nothing to protect her or allowed her to share details on the reality television series.

In an Instagram live video Dutchess says she was sent a Cease and Desist letter after she appeared on The Breakfast Club a few years ago because she has pulled out receipts of what she had gone through with Ceaser.

Dutchess explains that she is outraged that VH1 decided to fire Ceaser only after a video of him abusing an animal circulated through the internet. She says no one sided to protect her or his daughter after being notified of claims of Ceaser abusing them.

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