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Anthony Anderson Agrees To Pay Retroactive Spousal Support For Estranged Wife Alvina Anderson!

-Jasmine Dyer-


Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson has agreed to his ex-wife Alvina Anderson’s request for spousal support!

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Alvina has asked the court to “exercise its jurisdiction” and make the spousal support orders retroactive to March 1, 2022, “or the date of their separation, whichever is later.” Anthony’s attorney testified that payments shouldn’t be retroactive before June 1. “The amount will be determined by the estranged couple’s joint forensic accountant.” An investigation is currently pending for their individual finances. 

The couple has also decided to put their Encino, California property up for sale to evenly split the profits between them as part of the divorce settlement. Additionally, the court ordered Anthony to find separate housing for Alvina for 12 months. 

Alvina initially filed for divorce in 2015, after 22 years of marriage but dismissed the motion in 2017 since they were able to make their marriage work for another five years. She also asked for spousal support, and the judge awarded it to her. The former Law & Order star filed for divorce again on March 25, 2022. 

Anthony and Alvina were high school sweethearts who “met by chance” after he was looking to invite another girl from the dorm they both resided 

Anthony recalls meeting Alvina: “My sophomore year, her freshman year, I knew a girl who lived in the apartment, so I knocked on the door to invite her to this party that my buddies and I were having. My wife answered the door. I was like, ‘I was coming to invite Stacey to this party we’re having.’ Stacey didn’t show up, but my wife did — and we have been together ever since that night…And I was just me: I got there early, she didn’t see anybody else, she was, ‘All right, I’m gonna rock out with this dude!’ “ 

Regardless of their separation, the ex-pair still wishes the best for each other and will continue to work together to be there for their two kids: Kya and Nathan Anderson.

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