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Texas Elementary Shooting Claims The Lives Of 19 Children And 2 Teachers!



At least 19 children and two teachers have been reported dead following a mass shooting within a Texas elementary school!

The tragic incident took place Tuesday May 24th at Uvalde, Texas at Robb elementary school.

It has been stated that the 18 year old gunman and student of Uvalde High School Salvador Ramos entered the elementary school without being approached or challenged him, reports BBC news.

Reports read that the teen crashed his truck into a ditch near the school, and immediately began to open fire with his AR-style rifle at two people that were said to have been exiting a funeral home.

He then jumped a fence and continued firing “multiple, numerous rounds” at the school building said Texas Ranger and spokesman for the Texas Department of Safety Mr Escalon.

As he approached the entrance he “was not confronted by anybody”, the ranger said.

Sources confirm that it is possible the school’s entryway wasn’t locked and that there was no guard inside when Salvador arrived around 11:40 AM.

Salvador was killed at 12:45AM following a shootout with U.S Border control.

Mr Escalon says that officers awaited outside the school for reinforcement “They [didn’t] make entry immediately because of the gunfire they were receiving.”

“An hour later US Border Patrol tactical teams arrive, they make entry and shoot and kill the suspect,” he states.

An Uvalde school district police officer, that worked at the school saw Salvador exit from his vehicle with a rifle wearing body armour, states Texas Department of Public Safety Erick Estrada to CNN.

He says the officer “engaged” the gunman but was unable to stop him. Additional officers from Uvalde Police Department also reportedly attempted to stop him but were unable to do so, and called for back-up.

The tragic incident claimed the lives of 19 small children and 2 adults.

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