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New York Senate Approved Law Prohibiting Use Of Rap Lyrics As Evidence In Court!



New York State organizers are actively making strides within the right direction to approve freedom of speech for rap artists, as Senate officially passes a bill prohibiting the use of song lyrics in court!

For years rap / song lyrics have been used as vital evidence in court and has been responsible for major takedowns of fan favorite artists.

According to The Fader , Senate Bill S7527 will not completely ban prosecutors from using lyrics other forms of creative expression at trial. However it will now require them to prove that the words are, “ literal rather than figurative or fictional,” prior to presenting them to the court as evidence.

As we previously reported artists such as Jay Z, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Remy Ma, Fat Joe and more have been actively working towards the advocacy of this bill. Senator Brad Holyman and Jaamal Bailey have also been on the frontline organizing the pursuit of the proposed bill.

Though we are a step further there’s a single final stage organizers will have to complete. The law must be passed at the New York State Assembly.

Reports read that if passed by the State Assembly prosecutors would need to show “clear and convincing evidence” when citing a rapper’s music at a criminal trial.

Fingers crossed Cousins! Do you think this newly proposed bill will be more helpful than harmful?

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