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Multiple People Reported Dead Following Mass Shooting In Buffalo, New York Supermarket!



Buffalo, New York police officials are currently investigating a mass shooting that claimed the life of multiple shoppers at a supermarket!

According to NBC News, the incident took place earlier Saturday afternoon around 230PM at a local Tops Friendly Market located on Jefferson Avenue.

Witnesses state that a White male now identified as Payton Gendron, 18 entered the supermarket wearing military / body protective gear, two rifles, a Black helmet and camera used to livestream his movements.

“The social media platforms that profit from their existence need to be responsible for monitoring and having surveillance, knowing that they can be, in a sense, an accomplice to a crime like this. Perhaps not legally, but morally – they’ve created the platform for this hate to be spewed,”said Gov. Kathy Hochul at a news conference Saturday evening.

📸: AP

“The gunman first opened fire in the parking lot, killing three people and injuring a fourth, Gramaglia said. Then he allegedly moved into the supermarket where a security guard on duty exchanged gunfire with the 18-year-old suspect. The senior official said the gunman was armed with a semiautomatic rifle, a hunting rifle and a shotgun, all recently purchased legally.

The security guard, a retired Buffalo police officer, was shot and killed before the shooter moved further into the store, firing on customers and store employees, the commissioner said. Six people, including the guard, died inside the store. Police officials at a press conference said 11 of the 13 victims were Black.”

Reports read that Payton traveled approximately 200 miles from his residence in Conklin to commit the senseless act of violence.

Officials are calling the crime racially motivated due to the fact that the shooting took place in a predominantly African American neighborhood, north of downtown Buffalo. It has been confirmed that 11 of the 13 victims were Black.

Witnesses that arrived just seconds after the shooting state they saw the man in question exit the supermarket as they pulled into the parking lot.

“He was standing there with the gun to his chin. We were like what the heck is going on? Why does this kid have a his face?” Brayden Kephart said. He dropped to his knees. “He ripped off his helmet, dropped his gun, and was tackled by the police.”

Payton is currently in police custody and has been charged with first degree murder.

What started out as a beautiful day in the city of Buffalo has turned into a terrible day,” Mayor Byron Brown said. “This is the worst nightmare that any community can face.”

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