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Australia’s First Non-Binary Person Calls For Mother’s Day To Be Renamed “Nurturer’s Day” To Include Transgender Men Who Give Birth!



Australia’s first official non-binary person and activist is currently advocating for inclusion within the beloved holiday of Mother’s Day to also include transgender men that have given birth!

Norris May-Welby that was born a male and had gender reassignment surgery at 28 years old, tells the Daily Mail that the term ‘mother’ should not be exclusive to only females.

“ It’s not Sex specific. I think mothering is instinctual on all mammals, regardless of biological sex. Mother is a verb. One can be mothering without being a biological birther.

The activist continues, “An Mother’s Day, before Hallmark hijacked it, was Mothering Sunday, when one returned to the church one was baptized in.”

”Of course language shifts with time and place, and it may become Nurturer’s Day, but that’s an extra syllable, and for now, I am happy with ‘Mother’s Day’

Reports read that, there were no records of transgender men giving birth in the last 16 radius of June 2009, except in only one case classified as ‘unknown’.

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