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Chris Rock Has Not Spoken To Will Smith Following Oscars Exchange; Reportedly Didn’t Know Jada Pinkett-Smith Has Alopecia!



There’s been a lot of rumors and speculations circulating throughout the media following Will Smith and Chris Rock viral Oscars exchange!

The shocking incident has left folks wondering what happened once the cameras turned off. Well, despite claims made by Bad Boy CEO Diddy also known as Brother Love the two men haven’t spoken since the incident.

According to reports from TMZ, sources close to Chris state that he was both shocked and shaken up after the incident. It has been stated that he had no intention of staying for the entire showcase beforehand and upon collecting himself inside of his dressing room he exited the building.

Diddy has told Vanity Fair after the ii isn’t that there was no beef. That the two men are brothers and that they hatched it up. Unfortunately that is said to be untrue.

Reports read that the comedian also had no ideas Jada Pinkett Smith suffered from the autoimmune disease of Alopecia and that he “doesn’t have a mean bone in his body”

Incase you missed it, Chris told a joke in regards to Jada’s short haircut in saying he couldn’t wait to see her star in the next “G.I Jane” The joke was met with a mind blowing and shocking slap to the face from her husband Will.

The moment confused both academy award’s attendees, viewers and social media users wondering if it were an overall storyline or continuation of the joke. Will followed up shortly advising Chris to keep his wife’s name out of his “F**** MOUTH”

The situation was also addressed by nunkerous celebrities as they stood with Will in saying you can’t speak about another man’s wife and think there are no repercussions. However other celebrities completely disagree.

Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington shared a heartwarming moment as they stepped in with advice to console Will following the series of events.

Will made history taking home his very first Oscar award for “Best male actor” for his role in “King Richard”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on the entire situation. Do you think things could’ve been handled differently or did Chris receive exactly what he deserved?

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