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Alleged Text Messages From Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of 2020 Drug And Rape Incident Surface!



Alleged text messages between Chris Brown and a woman that is currently accusing him of a 2020 incident where she states she was both drugged and raped have surfaced!

As we previously reported the woman who has taken legal action against the singer claims the incident took place in December of 2020 on a yacht directly docked outside of Diddy’s mansion.

She is suing Chris for $20 million in Los Angeles Superior Court on claims that he provided her with a mixed drink while inside Diddy’s Star Island kitchen. The woman says that soon after discussing her wants in pursuing a music career, Chris allegedly gave her “advice about starting a career in the industry ” and that he had then re-filled the woman’s cup.

However an exclusive report from Radar Online, challenges the claims forwarded by the woman who’s identity has been withheld. As alleged surfaced messages between her and Chris implicate that she initially appeared to be pursuing Chris with sexually explicit language and naked selfies around the time she states the rape incident allegedly occurred.

The unidentified woman is said to have sent Chris numerous unsolicited naked photographs and messages where she claims she was “high ” and asked if him if had ecstasy

The outlet confirms that evidence obtained by local authorities the woman had relocated to LA soon after meeting Chris in efforts of linking up with him at nearly four times in the last year.
It has been stated that the the text thread challenges her recently forwarded claims that Chris drugged and sexually assault the woman.

Chris took to Instagram further blasting the woman in saying that the dragging should stop and wants to see if the media will keep the same energy towards spreading the alleged conversation as they did in shaming. It has been stated that he is seeking legal action against the woman and is working with the Miami police investigation.

Whew! We are truly at most for words and are very interested in seeing how this one unfolds.stIck with us for Further Updates.

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