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Michigan Man Charged For Reportedly Hitting 64 Year Old Jogger With His Car To Have Sex With Deceased Body!



A Michigan man was arrested recently following reports that he purposely hit an elderly woman while she was jogging, with the alleged intent of wanting to have sex with her deceased body!

According to the NY Post Colby Martin, 29 hit a retired 64 year old woman within the Oak Shores Campground area on September 20th of last year. It has been said after he hit the victim with his car he then transported her lifeless body to a nearby wooded area, where he reportedly committed a series of sexual acts.

The victim’s name is being withheld by outlets due to the severity of the fatal incident.

Officials state that Colby lead officials them to the area the following day. He was reportedly released on a $300,00 bond shortly. However he has now been charged with murder and denied bond after further investigation. Colby is said to have with held the elderly woman’s cellphone while attempting to hide other series of evidence.

It was Colby’s DNA and his internet search history prior to the incident that assisted officials with their investigation.

It has been indicated that he was arrested on February 16th at his girlfriend’s home in Big Rapids.

Colby’s legal team argues that his arrest and charges aren’t justified. “We’re still waiting for reports and more evidence from the prosecutor’s office. From a legal standpoint, I’m not seeing the increase in charges will be justified,” says attorney Jim Mequio.

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