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Travis And Gregory McMichael Reach Plea Deal With Federal Prosecutors Upon Hate Crime Charges Within Murder Case Of Ahmaud Arbery!



Breaking news confirms that Federal Prosecutors have officially reached a plea deal with the murdering father and son duo Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael !

According to CNN, the McMichaels are set to enter a plea deal on hate crime charges to possibly serve their time within a safer, less populated prison.

As we previously reported both Gregory and Travis were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole earlier this month for the gruesome murder of Atlanta jogger Ahmaud Arbery . Together they were also brought up on federal hate crime charges.

Ahmaud’s family alongside their attorney Wanda Cooper-Jones have expressed their thoughts of shock, betrayal and dismay of the recent plea. “The (US Department of Justice) has gone behind my back to offer the men who murdered my son a deal to make their time in prison easier for them to,” said Cooper-Jones within a forwarded statement. “I have made it clear at every possible moment that I do no agree to offer these men a plea deal of any kind. I have been completely betrayed by the DOJ lawyers.”

Reports read that the court documents were filed on Sunday January 30th just a week before they were scheduled for their February 7th trial. According to the court filing obtained by CNN, a plea agreement has now been forwarded to the US District for the Southern District of Georgia for their consideration.

Attorney S.Lee Merritt has taken to Twitter in a series of Tweets addressing the controversial plea deals. He says in comparison to state prison, the plea deal will basically put the McMichaels in, “a country club” and that they are “generally more accommodating” than state holding facilities.

“By admitting they were motivated by hate when they hunted & murdered Ahmaud Arbery these men get to transfer to safer, less crowded & more orderly federal detention facilities,” Merritt tweeted. “In essence they get to publicly brag about their hatred & then be rewarded by the federal government.”

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