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Bill Cosby’s Cell Mates Want Him to Come Back as a Motivational Speaker Because They Miss Their “Guru”

-Angelot Ndongmo-


Cosby’s ‘friends’ from the pin are looking for a whole lot more than a composed letter from their ole comrade. Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt  explained “the prisoners are missing their guru of sorts.” 

TMZ reports Cosby’s rep also shared the SCI Phoenix inmates are hitting up the former TV Dad around 3 times a week. Anyone who has been around a seasoned comedian knows how they can fill a room with laughter at the drop of a dime. It seems the disgraced comedian’s buddies felt the immediate absence of his presence when he was suddenly freed from the big house back in June.

Cosby was somewhat of a “voice of reason” behind the wall when the prisoners couldn’t quite see eye to eye. 

It appears the former Pudding Pops promoter was dropping gems for the convicts. He doled out advice, got some of his cell mates thinking about advancing their education to better their lives and even urged them to be of good behavior in order to demonstrate to the warden and staff they could assimilate back into society should they be paroled or released. 

Wyatt takes most of the calls and Cosby is still open to playing nice with his pals for now. He comes on the phone every now and again to say hi; after all, he is still working through a civil lawsuit, and Pennsylvania’s efforts to toss the ruling that freed him. Perhaps Cosby wants to wait and see how things play out rather than  completely sever ties. 

Prosecutors want the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case one more time. Wyatt is told by the inmates they want Cosby to come back as a motivational speaker. The Primetime Emmy Award winner is currently taking it easy on the outside.

Wyatt appeased the callers and let them know that returning at some point down the line is in the cards, but there’s a lot on his plate right now. 

Cousins! How do you feel about the odds of Cosby returning to give a motivational speech at the Prison that held him. Would you go back? Let us know below!

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