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Jason Derulo Swings On 2 Guys That Yelled “ Usher F**** You B****” In His Direction!



Jason Derulo is currently trending throughout social media as a video from TMZ shows him fighting two guys who allegedly yelled at him “Hey Usher! F*** you, b*****!”

Reports read that the incident took place in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel. Cops were alerted about the altercation as the incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

An eye witness tells the outlet that the entire ordeal occurred as Jason and one of the men were passing one another on an escalator when the guy began to troll him by yelling, “Hey, Usher! F*** you, b****!!!”

Jason got upset and responded by punching him right in the face resulting in the guy to fall to the ground.

It has been stated that he also slapped another guy in which security had to stop the fight. The singer was forwarded a trespassing notice by police officials.

Though the two men didn’t press charges at the moment, sources confirm under the law they have up to a year to change their minds.

Cousins do you think Jason overreacted or was well in his own right to react to the two men trolling?

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