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She Did It Again: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want from Christmas is You” Lands Top of the Billboards Charts Again!

-Avier Wanjou Brass-


Mariah Carey, has done it again! And this time, it is a no-brainer why the iconic singer is referred to as the queen of Christmas. The singer’s smash hit, go-to song for the holidays, just landed on top of the Billboard–AGAIN.

According to Yahoo Finance, since being released over 25 years ago, the track finally reached number one in 2019. Then it climbed back to the number one spot in December 2020, and this year it hit number one for the third time– causing this to be the first song in the chart’s history, to lead three distinct on the ranking.

Also, “All I Want for Christmas” has continuously surged in Spotify’s (SPOT) popularity in post-Halloween, post-Thanksgiving, with peaks around New Year’s Eve. Currently, it has 975 million streams. It’s projected it will pass one billion by the New Year.

Now it’s reported that the singer makes 1 cent each time the song plays. In 2019 she made 1.7 million, 2020 it grew to 1.9 million, and it’s projected Carey will make more this year! 

At this point, we should call her “Mariah Always in her Bag Carey” because she stays making her coins! We love a Black woman making money moves, don’t we? 

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