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Ohio Man Found Guilty Of Murdering Two Teenagers For Smoking In His Garage, Sentenced To 21 Years To Life!

-Brittany Hennis-


Time and time again we are forced into the realization that living in America is not the land of the free more like home of the cowards!

Ohio resident Victor Santana, 65 was recently found guilty for the murder of two teen boys he discovered smoking weed in his home’s garage located on 848 Connner Street back in August of 2019.

According to the Insider Ja’Shin Gibson testified against Santana on behalf of his two friends of his two Javier Harrison and Devin Henderson. As he was able to hide during the tragic incident, witnessing the gruesome killing of the seventeen year olds.

Despite prosecutors request for him to being sentenced to 36 years to life in prison, reports from the Dayton Daily News, the judge ordered Santana to serve the life sentence, register as a violent offender and that he would be on lifetime parole if ever released from prison. He also received credit for the two years he had already spent in the Montgomery County Jail while awaiting trial.

Gibson said that him and his friends just wanted to smoke pot and didn’t hink they were doing anything wrong. They actually believed that  no one lived in the home and  that the house as well as the garage were vacant.

Dayton Daily says that in Gibson testimony he explains that Satana, crept up on them without announcing his presence and just immediately started shooting. However Santana’s legal team argues that he thought the boys had weapons on them.

After the home owner shot the two teens and exited the garage that’s when Gibson was reportedly able to make his escape.

Insider reports that the teen’s families were both emotional and relieved after the gunman was found guilty. It serves as one step closer to justice after a long two year investigation. 

Linda Henderson, the mother of Devin Henderson, said “I was thinking, thank you, Father, we got justice for our kids.”

“Joy, happy finally,” Carolann Harrison said of her emotions after the sentence was announced. “Justice was served. My family and I are relieved. We came a long way waiting all this time. Just happy, finally happy.”

Victor Santana is currently being held at Montgomery County Jail on Monday he has was sentenced to 21 years to life.

“(Santana) made the conscious decision to leave his home and confront the three boys who were trespassing in what they thought was an abandoned garage,” prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum ahead of the hearing. “At no point did the boys present any threat to this defendant. Despite this, (Santana) took matters into his own hands and, giving the boys no chance of escape, opened fire. The result was the deaths of Javier Harrison and Devin Henderson. Defendant has shown no remorse for his actions.”

Cousins, what are your thoughts on Victor Santana’s version of what happened that night. How much time do you believe he deserves?

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