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Walmart Shopper Whose Leg Was Amputated After Stepping On Nail Receives $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Win!

-Brittany Hennis-


South Carolina resident April Jones secured the bag recently after winning a lawsuit against Walmart for an incident back in 2015 where she stepped on a rusty nail in Walmart!

Here’s a quick rap-up of how it went down, back in 2015, while Jones was shopping at a local Walmart, she stepped on a rusty nail lying on the floor near some pallets in the store, reports Yahoo news. She was then rushed to the E.R. and was later told that her wound was deeply infected. The process ultimately led to the amputation of one of her toes. Due to the wound not healing correctly and turning black, April eventually had to amputate her right leg.

Despite April’s unfortunate circumstances attorney’s for the retail company argued, “The mere presence of a wood pallet on the sales floor is not circumstantial evidence that Walmart put a roofing nail on the floor.”

Dang, even though $10 Million seems like a lot of coins that we all wish we had to lose your leg just to receive all that money is a harsh reality to digest. April did admit since her new reality of being in a wheelchair for the last 6 year, life has not been the same. Having limited mobility, she admits her life is less enjoyable and she realizes a change in her personality as well.

“I was supposed to actually go to Disney World with my grandson … but I won’t be going,” she said, adding that someone would need to push her wheelchair around the park. “I feel it would … lessen the fun for everybody else, and I don’t want that.’

Word on the street is, this is not Walmart’s first large lawsuit case. Recently, a jury in Alabama awarded a woman $2.1 million in damages; after she was arrested on a false charge of shoplifting. Billing more than $200 from a law firm as a settlement fee, more than the cost of the groceries. 

Let me go run to Walmart to see something!

Cousins, do you think $10 million was enough for her pain, suffering, and hospital bills?

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