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Kim Kardashian Files To Become Legally Single Less Than 24 Hours Of Kanye West Pleading For Her To Come Back, “ More Specifically Kimberly”



Despite the artist formally known as Kanye West numerous attempts to get his wife back, Kim Kardashain is currently making moves in the opposite direction while filing documents to become legally single!

Court records obtained by TMZ confirm that the multi business mogul has taken legal action as of today. Standing clear of separate issues including child custody and property from marital status, she’s focusing solely on herself in the newly forwarded order.

📸: Getty images

📸: Getty images

If a judge agrees and signs off on her request, Kim will be officially identified as a single woman. She is also requesting that her maiden name be restored as she wants to drop the last name of “ West” all together.

Less than 24 hours ago during his “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert, Kanye made a quick rendition to his single “ Runaway “ where he sang “ Run back to me…. more specifically Kimberly”

TMZ confirms that Kim has already taken steps towards figuring out the property by reportedly buying Kanye out of their Hidden Hills Estate for $23 million. However, there is still additional property issues that must be discussed.

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