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Saweetie Responds To Criticism Following Her SNL Performance, “I am Open To Constructive Criticism However I Would Love To See Someone Do What I Do”


Since the very beginning of Saweetie ‘s career to now she’s made it quite clear that she’s determined to flex her numerous talents within the industry no questions asked!

Last week the Bay Area native reached a major accolade in her career by performing on the legendary SNL stage. As her Icy crew cheered in praise of her dance routines paired with a few of her beloved singles, Saweetie also received a wave of criticism.

Social media users not only dragged her dance moves but also came at her breath control and claimed she lacked energy.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Saweetie got a chance to respond directly to the nay-sayers while also detailing her growths an artist.

“I actually am very proud of the performance. I feel like I’m growing,” Saweetie told the outlet. “I’ve never danced that much during a performance. And I’m open to constructive criticism — however, I would love to see someone do what I do. I would like to see their breath control. So, unless you’re someone who’s been doing this, then I’m open to it.”

She continues:

That’s like when fans criticize an athlete that plays in the NBA. Y’all not about to make 30 buckets. Y’all not about to do this good of defense. So just enjoy the show and if you believe in who you’re rooting for, you should enjoy the process of their development. One thing about me is I’m such a business, proactive person that I’m not always in artist-mode. Not only am I killing SNL, killing the EMAs, I’m a business woman.

So I’m running a company [and] an organization along with trying to balance artist development and other things in my life. I think I’m doing a pretty good job and I know nobody is doing what I’m doing so I’m really proud of that moment.”

I’m aware of my weaknesses, I’m aware of my strengths. But it’s growth. It’s a process,” Saweetie adds. “I would really love for them to do the bar routine. I would love for them to twerk. I would love for them to do all of these intricate dance routines while maintaining their breath, and then we can talk about it.” 

Saweetie has earned an official Grammy award nomination for the upcoming 2022 ceremony and has released countless hit singles this year from “ Bestie “ featuring Doja Cat and “Back to the Streets” featuring Jhene Aiko.

Cousins what do y’all think of her SNL performance?

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