Say It Louder: Co-Founders Of Ben & Jerry Says Police Abusing Black People Is A White People Problem!

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-Avier Wanjou Brass-


The co-founders of the trendy ice cream brand, Ben and Jerry’s, have had enough and they’re are letting it be known as they call out white people to stand against police abuse, that targets people of color!

In an op-ed published Tuesday in USA Today, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield state ‘when police abuse Black people, it’s not a Black problem. It’s a white problem. They continue, “While Black people bear the brunt of police brutality, it’s white people who allow this racism to continue.” 

According to The Hill, known for their progressive values Cohen and Greenfield observed that in the U.S, a majority-white electorate votes put police chiefs, who are themselves “overwhelmingly white,” into office. The ice-cream makers also point out the examples of violence against blacks by law enforcement, noting the difference between white and black parents on how they raise their children to view police officers.

“When we were growing up, our mothers taught us the policeman was our friend. Black mothers have no choice but to teach their children to fear the police,” wrote Cohen and Greenfield.

For Cohen and Greenfield, this is not anything new. They have repeatedly spoken about this issue in the past, and they are for the cause. Last summer, Cohen and Greenfield announced they would produce a podcast on racism and white supremacy in the U.S. Based on their public support for the Black Lives Matter protest that swept throughout the country. 

It is great to see people using their power and voice to make a difference or an awareness. I know we should not just be inviting anybody to the cookout, but I think they have proved they’re worthy to come. 

Cousins what ya’ll think?

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