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Kenneth Petty Claims Rape Victim Was A Willing Participant In Recent Court Filing!

-Brittany Hennis-


And the saga continues!

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty is saying his rape accuser is not as innocent as she appears to be!

In recent claims, Petty is alleging that Jennifer Hough was a “willing participant”. XXL, reports that Jennifer’s attorney, Tyrone A. Blackburn’s rebuttal was, “A willing participant would not go 20 blocks to school after a sexual encounter and tell the school security/police that she was raped. If Petty believed Ms. Hough was a willing participant, he should have never pled guilty to attempted rape”. 

If you are not up to date with the original story, let us catch you up. Kenneth claims that he had consensual intercourse with Jennifer. In recent court documents that were filed on November 8th and obtained by XXL on November 10th, Petty insists that he did not rape plaintiff , and she was a “willing participant” in the incident that happened 27 years ago. He is also claiming that he did not plead guilty to rape but to attempted rape!

He pled guilty to, and was convicted of, attempted rape. Defendant (Petty) denies that he ever raped Plaintiff (Hough) and Defendant denies all of Plaintiff allegations of improper conduct and/or sexual assault. Rather, the sexual encounter between Plaintiff and Defendant was consensual and Plaintiff was a willing participant.” 

Kenneth now claims he is innocent of the charges and was forced to plead guilty to avoid a harsher sentence. In August of 2021, Jennifer who is now 43 years old, filed against Kenneth and Nicki Minaj for allegedly harassing and threatening her directly and indirectly to prevent her from speaking on the rape case. She also filed a legal complaint related to Petty’s 1995 attempted rape conviction as well. Petty has

denied all accusations and claims he has never contacted Hough or allowed his attorneys or associates to contact her to recant her statements about the rape. 

As the pot just keeps getting thicker and thicker, we will be watching from the sideline to see how this story will turn out. Cousins, what are your thoughts and the new claims from Kenneth Petty?

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