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Teyana Taylor Calls Out TMZ For Fabricated Headline In Regards To Her Response Of AstroWorld Festival Tragedy!


Teyana Taylor is making headlines this week as she mashes up numerous stages within her Last Rose Petal tour however the one headline she all the way was NOT here for was one issued by the good folks of TMZ!

Earlier this week TMZ caught up with Teyana in the Los Angeles International Airport where they mentioned her viral moment of pausing her performance to help a fan in need within comparison to Travis Scott ‘s 2021 AstroWorld festival “ tragedies.

“I’ve always been that way,” she said within the clip. “There are plenty videos of me stopping my show to help my fans. There’s video of [Travis Scott] stopping the show. It’s just people are choosing whatever video they’re choosing to make it look like he’s not.”

Teyana continues, “I don’t get in the middle of all that stuff. At the end of the day, I seen a video of him stopping the show. I think it’s very important for all artists to take precautions to make sure. But also staffing, as well. It’s not just the artist. With Travis, he has large crowds, you know what I’m saying? We can’t expect him to see every single person.”

TMZ then issued the headline on their Twitter that read, “Teyana Taylor defends Travis Scott, says artists alone can’t be responsible for fan safety.”

Teyana immediately responded in a follow up to tweet bu saying, “R U serious for this headline??? 1: i made it clear that I always stopped my shows to help my fans. 2: I made clear BOTH ARTIST & STAFF SHOULD TAKE PROPER PRECAUTION to make sure everyone’s safe. 3: I barely even wanted to talk to you motha fuckahs. Always MISLEADING headlines”

She continued, “Most importantly I mind my business. ALWAYS. It’s not my job to judge something I don’t have the full details on. This whole situation is a very sad and unfortunate, and my heart and prayers go out to ALL of the parties involved. But stop being fuckin mess TMZ. Messy asses.”

TMZ ultimately changed the headline to, TEYANA TAYLORAstroworld Was a Tragedy …SAFETY IS ON ARTISTS AND VENUES.

Cousins this is one of many conversations had about this year’s AstroWorld festival and the extremely unfortunate instances that occurred.

What are your thoughts on venues and artists insuring fans safety during festivals?

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