FTN Bae Says She’s Waiting To Take A Lie Detector Test To Confirm Allegations That Rapper Doodie Lo Sexually Assaulted Her Son!

-Angelot Ndongmo-

Doodie Lo of Chicago’s rap collective OTF, is currently being accused of sinking to an unimaginable low by his ex-girlfriend FTN Bae!

She went on record via social media to put the OTF member on blast, accusing him of sexually assaulting her young son, reported the Source.

Late last month the social media influencer shared a voice clip of her son struggling to tell her what happened to him. FTN Bae also wrote in a post “August 6th I had a show in Orlando & @otf_doodielo was at my house along with my roommate and my son and his 3-year-old cousin. Once I left this SICK man welted 3 screws (that he found in my toolbox) and shoved them up my son’s anus.” 

Though FTN Bae stated in a video clip she is waiting on the investigation to be complete, she felt it urgent to warn other mothers out there about the ‘Pull Up’ rapper and what she claims he is capable of. FTN Bae details how she observed her son regressing for about two months, having accidents and soiling himself. She revealed that she even had to put him back in pampers.

Bae states her son mustered up the courage to tell her what had happened to him. His story was confirmed in her mind once she checked her outside camera that showed her son going out in the backyard like he told her he had, to hide the screws so the horrible incident wouldn’t happen again. 

Doodie Lo’s attorney responded on a live alongside him stating that“If there was something against my client, there would be a case open. There’s not a case open”. 

According to the Source, since the story broke, the public has been in full support of FTN Bae’s account of what took place. They are slamming Lil Durk on Twitter for keeping Doodie Lo in the OTF family and demanding he address the matter or take swift action to release Doodie from the collective.

Bae returned to social media earlier this week to share her anticipation of taking a lie detector test to prove the allegations forwarded

Cousins, should Lil Durk part ways with Doodie Lo immediately or wait until investigation is complete?

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