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Chloe Bailey Stops By ‘The Real’ To Talk: Going Solo and “Doing Too Much”

-Kierra Wilson-


Our girl Chloe Bailey, stopped by ‘The Real’ this week to y’all all things music, going solo and misconceptions folks may have about her!

Within the recently aired episode Chloe spoke on being genuine and sincere, while digging deeper into what it is like going solo.

It may appear that she is very confident in how she presents herself, and by watching the interview you can see that going solo has been hard for her.

Chloe states that she is in her head all of the time, and that “I may appear confident, but most of the time inside I don’t feel that way.”

She explains that music is what pumps her up to keep going. Going further into the topic about people hating Chloe says, “as long as she is being authentic and herself that is all that matters”.

She even admitted that maybe she does too much, but that is how she is and it’s not on purpose. We can agree to love it, point, blank, period!!

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